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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Donetsk and Kharkov Zone Conferences

The Zone Conferences were SUPERB!!! The subject was HEART: all of the zone leaders did such a great job!! I was so inspired and uplifted. I'll try to keep it short but how can I when it is all so good?Elders Allred and Goodfellow talked about "A MIGHTY CHANGE OF HEART". We cannot progress without a change of heart. We have a divine identity and who we are is always greater than our circumstance. Faith, Repentance and a desire to not do evil. We need to make committments and having a real intent to do what we've committed to do. Elders Jones and Howard talked about "LOCK YOUR HEART". We agreed to sarifice and leave things behind when we wrote our acceptance letter to come on a mission. What do we lock our hearts from - the world, girls, disobedience, gossip and music. We need to stay focused and keep from becoming casual. It is a mission effort. It's like a castle - we all have walls that build a castle - satan looks for our weaknesses to weaken the castle. It affects everyone when our walls are weakened. We need to stay loyal to God and to each other by keeping our walls strong. Elders Williams and Steele talked about "HOW CAN HAVING A RIGHTEOUS HEART HELP MISSIONARY WORK?" Having a righteous heart is being one with God. One heart and one mind. We need to build a fortress of righteousness with faith , hope, patience, obedience, knowledge, humility and charity. Chariety is a driving force. It fuels the heart like fuel to our engine. Elders Smith and Hess talked about a broken heart and a contrite spirit. "NEW HEART"and "NEW SPIRIT." Faith in Christ and applying the Atonement will help us continue to have a change of heart and a desire to continue to change. Elder Duffy and Elder Shipp says ,"THE HEART IS THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING WE DO."The heart produces the desire. The center of our heart is "to love God with all our heart, soul and mind." We should do His work in His way by His power. Where your heart is - is shown by your actions. Elders Beus & Whitehead talked about the DANGERS. Hardening your hearts is a danger - the I don't care attitudes, lack of desire, disobedience, being comfortable and being casual can all be like a snake biting us. To avoid dangers - read the WHITE HANDBOOK. They compared the heart that beats and keeps us alive as God and the arteries being Pres. Fry and all of the missionaries as the capilaires. Not doing what Pres. Fry tells us to do is like telling the arteries that we don't want anymore blood - cutting ourselves off and dieing!! President Fry says,"HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'VE HAD A CHANGE OF HEART?" 1. Have you been spiritually born of God? 2. Have you received His image in your countenances? 3. Do you exercise faith in the redemption of him who created you?How can we expect our investigatiors to have a change of heart if we are not willing to either?Knit your hearts together with your companion and God. Turn your life over to God thru a broken heart and contrite spirit, humility and meekness. If you lose your life to God - you will find ETERNAL LIFE!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Elder and Sister Salomonson

Elder and Sister Salomonson have served faithfully as our Office Couple. They have been the backbone of the mission. We love and appreciate their service and we all miss them!!
Some members from Makevka Branch saying good-bye to the Salomonson's.

Sister Lydia works in the office and is a wonderful cook. It always smells so good in there!

The Salomonson's are from Salt Lake City Valley in South Jordan. When they got married, their goal was to serve a mission. All the Missionaries and the members here in the Ukraine Donetsk Mission have appreciated their serve and have really enjoyed getting to know them. They will always be remembered here. We love you!!!!

The missionaries say hello and that they love and miss you!! Well done thy "Good and Faithful Servant!" Spa-cee-ba Vam!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Missionaries Depart, New Missionaries, Transfer Day

Sorry it took so long to post this time. I went home for my sons wedding. I appreicate Sister Salomonson for taking pictures for me. I feel bad that I missed so much but grateful to be able to be with my son on his wedding day.

These young men came into the mission 1 week before we got here. We met them in the MTC.

Elder Payton Thompson from Carbondale, Ill. Thanks for your service!!

Elder Jacob LaMarr from Loveland Co. Thanks for your service!!

Elder A. Thompson, Elder LaMarr, and Elder P. Thompson. We love you guys!!

Elder Avery Thompson from Kahuku, HI. Thank you for your service!!

We will truly miss you. You've been great examples and keep up the good work!

NEW MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Armstrong is from BC Canada. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Clarkstone in XTZ.

Elder Duke is from Hurricane, Ut. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Thomas in Makeevka.

Elder Hazen is from Austin, TX. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Moon in Makeevka.

Elder Petersen is from Cokeville, Wy. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Valverde in Cold Mountain.

Elder Kontsedaylo is from Australia but originally he is from Ukraine. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Barton in Obedinyoni.

Elder Kofoed is from Spanish Fork, Ut. Welcome! He is serving with Elder Wadsworth in Alexsavka.

Elder Sokolovsky is a mini-missionary and is from Donetsk. He is serving with Elder Jensen in Saltivka.


Elder Stirling is now serving in Sumy as the 2nd counselor in the Branch Presidency. His companion is Elder Kearsley.

Elder Johnson and Elder Rallison. Elder Johnson heads to Mariupol to be with Elder Dietrich and Elder Rallison heads to Novie Doma to be with Elder Ryser.

Elder Brady and Elder Beck are off to Lugansk to serve together.

Sister Krivulya and Sister Ward will serve in Obedinyoni.

Elder Winchester is off to Mariupol to serve with Elder Jahnert, Elder Moon is a trainer serving with Elder Hazen in Makeevka, Elder Gardner is off to Saltivka to serve with Elder McArthur.

Our new missionaries: Elder Kofoed, Elder Petersen, Elder Armstrong and Elder Kontsedaylo.

Elder Brinton is off to Center Donestk to serve with Elder Cullen. Elder Rice heads to Lugansk to serve with Elder Walton.

Elder Howard heads to Gorlevka to serve with Elder Jones, Elder Allred stays in Donetsk Central to serve with Elder Goodfellow and our mini-missionary, Elder Sokolovsky off to Saltivka to serve with Elder Jensen.

Elder Finneran remains in Makeevka and will be serving with Elder Neal where as Elder Stout moves to Gorlevka to serve with Elder Moore.

Elder Hansen remains in Petrosky serving with Elder Mueller, Elder Neal serving with Elder Finneran in Makeevka, Elder Prince is off to Kharkov Center to serve with Elder McCallson, Elder Tillotson is remaining in Obedinyoni with Elder Lott and Elder Tilgner heads to Gorlevka to serve with Elder Raider.

Other changes are: Elders Woolstenhulme and Richardson are in the Office, Elders Steele and Williams are Zone Leaders in Petrovsky, Elders Bell and Demyanov are in Sumy, Elders Duffy and Shipp are Zone Leaders in Kharkov Center, Elders Mikhailov and Belyeu are in Saltivka, Elders Hyer and Schoen are in Aleksevka, Elders Smith and Hess are Zone Leaders in Cold Mt., Sisters Belkina and Ziganshina are in Novie Doma and Elders Young and Calvert are in Novie Doma.
Just a quick note - I'm not sure who are district leaders or senior/junior companions but please know that being these or zone leaders or assistants is not done by senority. It is done by inspiration and what is needed for the time and situation. We have a very young mission and we use the older missionaries to help train the younger ones so if your missionary is now a junior companion or no longer a district or zone leader - it has nothing to do with disobedience but with helping this young mission grow and develop our younger missionaries. Also there is no line as far as junior comp. then senior comp. then trainer, district leader, zone leader etc. It is not done that way in our mission. Each position is looked at carefully and guided by the Holy Ghost in determining what is best for each missionary and circumstance. All of our missionaries are AWESOME!!! They each contribute to make our mission - each having their own set of talents and the Lord is guiding us to help them the best way possible. We love each missionary with all our hearts and hope their experience is one to remember and grow from. Please know they are where they need to be at this time. We thank you for all you do and for your support.