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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Missionaries March 2009

It's time for New Missionaries again!!! We love it when our newest ones arrive. They come with such a great spirit about them and it gives us "New Life" here in the mission. I am spotlighting Elder Shipp first: He is from Mesa Arizona. He enjoys wrestling, violin, choir, golf and rock climbing. He has served in various leadership positions in the Church as well as at school. His trainer is Elder McArthur and they will be serving in Novia Doma(Kharkov area). Next is Elder Hyer: He is from Las Vegas, Nev. He was the Valedictorian in his High School, an Eagle Scout and received many, many awards for high achievement. He enjoys tennis, volleyball and chess. His trainer is Elder Sutherland and they will be serving in Gorlovka. Elder Tillotson is last but not least: He is from Okatie, South Carolina. He enjoys lacrosse, cross country, hunting, fishing and Latin. He is an Eagle Scout and has served in leadership capacities in his ward. His trainer is Elder Hunt and they will be serving in the Novia Doma(Kharkov area). We love our new missionaries and are excited they are here!!!


Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm so grateful for blogging! It's great to get a glimpse of our missionary son (Elder Shipp) and find out where he's been assigned. Thanks so much for posting Sister Fry!

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Yea for new missionary day! :D Bronson's dad & I will be checking back here often! We love the pictures too- Have a wonderful day.

Austin said...

Hey Sister Fry,

I finally wrote President, but I couldn't forget about you! How are you? I bet that you are a lot more settled now than when I left. It's crazy that you have already been out over eight months! You are on your way! It looks like you guys are staying busy over there...that blog is so fun to see pictures of those incredible missionaries...
Congratulations on the new addition to the family...that is awesome...I bet it was hard not to be there, but the Lord will continue to bless you and your family for your service.
I'm doing is great. Could you send me your e-mail so I can write you once and a while? That would be awesome!
I miss you guys and love you a ton! Thanks again for your wonderful example!

Elder Andrus

Annalise said...

Dear Pres. & Sis Fry,
Thank you so much for creating this blog. It is such a blessing to be able to see these wonderful missionaries and all that they are doing. We know our son, Elder Hyer, already loves it there. We know you are so busy and greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into this.