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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kharkov Zone Conference June 2009

It is so happy to see you! Zone Conferences give the Missionaries a chance to see those they haven't seen for a while. Elder Moore and Elder Putnam.
It also gives us an opportunity to meet each other. Elder Mark meets Elder Mead and they get to know one another. They both served in the Redlands Temple at the same time but met in Ukraine! It's a small world after all!(Elder Mead loves Disneyland)
It's always good to see smiling faces and when sisters in Zion get together that's what happens! Sister Mark and Sister Mead get acquainted. Both are from Southern California.
How are you? Great and you? I'm happy to welcome you to Zone Conference (Elder Misiurenko and Elder Walton).
Elder Ehrisman and Elder Wright are sporting their Ukrainian Ties! Great looking ones at that! One of the comments that Elder Ehrisman said during the conference concerning planning was: "Weekly planning helps us be more organized and more effective. Daily planning helps us get over the bumps. We are all good missionaries and want to do well." So true!!
Elder Dietrich and Elder Summerhays stop a moment and pose for a picture.
Elder Johnson, Elder Fedotov and Elder Miganov pose also. Elder Johnson talked in the conference about our strengths and weaknesses of the mission. He encouraged the missionaries to: do their morning and evening planning better(makes better use of time), get up on time, plan out P-days(preparation day)- everyday is the Lord's day, one of the things in the Donetsk zone conference was mentioned by Elder Kerr -"Plan the night before what you will study personally and with your companion. Study at a desk!"
Elders McKinney, Jones and Noyes. Elder McKinney talked about the importance of changing our water filters. Great looking ties men!!
Elders Putnam, Hansen and Moore. I don't know about this music thing. President challenged us to only listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir music or no music(if that's what they choose)and he said if the whole mission will do this for the next 3 weeks - he will add other music to the list to listen to. Let's do it!!! Sister Fry has challenged us to learn a new hymn in Russian each 6 weeks. The hymn for the next six weeks is "I Am A Child of God" Just think if we do that we could have most of the hymns memorized in Russian! That would even help our Russian skills!
Elder Miganov and Elder Wadsworth. We hope everyone comes on board with the music. It will definitely unify the mission. What? There are Elders watching movies? Who has time?says Elders Miganov and Wadsworth.(movies are very cheap here as well as little DVD/TV devices and unfortunately it has been a big temptation) The white handbook states: watch only videos or DVDs that have been authorized by the Church or your Mission President and video/DVD equipment is prohibited.
President and I have a great love and concern for our missionaries and unfortunitly President has needed to put his foot down. He spends many restless nights worrying and I have seen the power of discernment that he was blessed with at his setting apart come to pass. He knows when one of our missionaries is struggling and he acts upon it. Sometimes they are not happy with the President calling them on the carpet but I assure you he always, always shows forth love after(they may not think so but in time they will know). We are so grateful for the Atonement in our own lives and the ability to repent daily. It is a process through out all of OUR lives. I love my Savior and what he did for me and ALL mankind.
Elder Mark and Elder Rosen. During zone conference the discussion came to the use of the Internet. The only Internet site CHURCH APPROVED is mylds.mail for the missionaries. They should only use the Internet to write their family and the Mission President. They may write letters to friends(snail-mail) and receive letters( which they absolutely love getting). All other websites and email sites are not approved. (taken from the missionary handbook). Elder Rosen made a really good comment "We only use this site because it keeps us focused. We are wasted if we visit other sites and think about what our friends and family are doing without us. We need to leave our personal life behind."
Elder McKinney and Elder Valverde. Again notice the ties and what great smiles!!
Elder Moore in the back, Elder Wadsworth, Elder Stirling and Elders Johnson and Eckersley in the front. Unity is definitely one of our strengths. Elder Johnson talked about relying on the Lord to help with self doubt, "Put our trust in the Lord, pray for strength to over come and He will make up for what we lack." "Don't let yesterday hold hostage for tomorrow" "Plow forward with hope". In Jesus the Christ it states: He knew " HIS" purpose. The challenge is to know "OUR" purpose. Together we can do it. Our strength is in Him and helping each other.
The mission has a lot of talent. Each missionary is unique and has brought his or her talents to the mission. Look at these young men - they have talent written all over their face.
A great group of young stripling warriors. Ready for the task before them. Elder Norman said" The Lord didn't call young men because they knew all - he called them because he knew they would turn to Him and rely on Him." Elders Jones, Whitehead, Howard, Valverde, Ehrisman.
The Birthdays for Kharkov missionaries. Happy, Happy Birthday! We love you!! Sister Fry is always in charge of the Birthdays & introducing new missionaries. That's the fun part! I also help with apartment checks and encouraging health and cleanliness. Many little things I present I take from the Missionary Handbook to remind the missionaries of what is appropriate and not. We encourage each companionship to read 5 pages a day together out of the handbook. It is actually very inspiring and at the front of the handbook (after it states that it is approved by the First Presidency and the Apostles) it says,"Follow these standards and they will help you magnify your calling and protect you PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY. Those 2 words are our main focus with the missionaries. It also states the Mission President may adjust some of these standards as needed. We pray every day for their protection physically and spiritually. We love them so much and feel such a responsibility to the Lord and you as their parents. Thank you for all of your prayers as well. These are the finest of the finest sent here. Thanks parents!!!

Elder Kearsley, Elder Ketchum & Elder Badrusev working on their goal setting.
Elder Oldroyd(standing) Elders Wright and Misiurenko. It seems when one smiles at you - you smile back and so on. It's like the "Ripple Affect". We watched a video clip by President Eyring that showed him throwing a pebble into the lake and watching the ripple affect. Elder Dorman talked about this and how gossip spread in the mission has such an affect on us. Talking badly of others especially our leaders can destroy unity. He used the story of Alma the younger how he went about destroying the work of the Lord and then after he repented and was converted he went about doing good. There are so many ways we can use the ripple affect for good. Even as simple as a smile!
Elder Noyes played a beautiful piano solo "I Stand All Amazed". We are truly amazed and blessed to have these wonderful missionaries in our care. We are grateful for the Lord's call to serve him in this capacity and for the unconditional love He has for each one of His children.
Our fabulous four Assistants. We are truly grateful for their time, talents and willingness to serve the Lord. They have been great examples with strong testimonies. Moms and Dads - hats off to you for raising such fine young men. Elder Johnson, Elder Norman, Elder Oldroyd, Elder Dorman.


Supercool Hotmama said...

Hurrah for Israel!

dixiewhitehead said...

That was great to read.

We're grateful that President Fry is "putting his foot down". These great missionaries actually appreciate and want the boundary lines no matter what they may say.

Listening to the right music is of huge importance in a mission. Thank you for addressing it. It makes me feel so good to know you are talking about it. Oh, the stories I have heard about what happens on missions when it is not enforced.

The "finest of the finest" ARE in the Ukraine, Donetsk mission, including all the grown-up missionaries serving there also. Thank you all again for all you do for our sons and for the gospel of Jesus Christ.