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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Transfer Day! July 2009

Jeff and his dad - the Mission President. Don't they look so happy!!!

Another successful transfer day! Elder Woodhead, Elder LaMarr and Elder Stevens.

The sisters are happy to see each other! Sister Khilova, Sister Ward, and Sister Howard.

Elder Brinton and Elder Badrusev. It's good to get together and hear how everyone is doing.

Elder McKinney(finally let's me take his picture) with Elder Noyes.

Elder Woodhead, Elder Wright and Elder Stevens all from the November group. Buds since the MTC!!!

Elder Thompson, Elder Tillotson, Elder Balser and Elder Hyer. Good looking young men with great looking ties, serving in Ukraine on a mission. We appreciate you guys!!!

Elder Richardson, Elder Tsaturyan and Vladimir. Great assets to the mission. Elder Richardson will help with records and such in the Sumy branch where Elder Tsaturyan served as Branch President last year. Elder Tsaturyan is now an Assistant to the President. Vladimir is our great friend, helper, a true servant of the Lord. We could not function very well without him!

Elder Martineau was Elder Beus's trainer and now Elder Beus becomes a trainer! Great missionaries!!!!! Yes right here in Ukraine Donetsk Mission!!!

Elder Moon and Elder Mikaylov! So glad to see my friend waiting here to greet me!

Elder Taylor, Elder Shumway, Elder Crowther and Elder Kerr. Great smiles! Keep up the good work!!!!

Elder Stout, Elder Bell, and Elder Rader. We made it! We are here in Ukraine at our first Transfer meeting!!!

Elder Hess, Elder Young and Elder Nersisyan. Hey it's great to meet up again! We are all doing great and loving the mission!

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dixiewhitehead said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and info. Yes, they are great missionaries!