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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Donetsk Zone Conference

Happy Birthday to all of you!!!!

Setting goals for the next 6 weeks.
Zone Leaders working on goals.

Elder Salomonson and Jeff.

Our wonderful sisters: Sister Khilova, Sister Ward, Sister Howard, Sister Belkina.
Our great and wise Assistants: Elder Wright, Elder McKinney, Elder Tsaturyan, and Elder Norman.
Still working on our goals.

Elder Oldroyd and Elder Huckstep.

Elder Noyes and Elder Stevens gave a great presentation on the Liahona. They talked about the story of Nephi and his bow. There are always trials in our life and do we complain or murmur or do we remain strong. Follow the word of Christ found in Alma 37:43-45. Following the words of Christ is like following the Liahona, Mission President etc.
What's up? Elder Huckstep, Elder Oldroyd and Elder Williams.

Elder Shumway and Elder Kerr.
Elder Dorman and Elder Woodhead

Elder Kearsley and Elder Cullen
Elder Mikhilov, Sister Belkina, Sister Ward and Elder Tsaturyan.
Elder Crowther, Elder Norman and Jeff.
Elder McKinney and Elder Noyes.
Elder Thompson, Elder Thompson again and Elder Tillotson
Elder Allred, Elder LaMarr and Elder Dorman
Elder Shumway and Elder Valverde
Elder Young, Elder Kerr and Elder Hess.
Elder Woodhead

Sister and Elder Mead
Elder Moon, Elder Balser, Elder Williams, and Elder Stevens. Elder Balser gave a great presentation on Pride and Humility. Mosiah 3:19 - Put off the natural man and be submissive - be humble. Pride is of the natural man "I know better than others and my leaders". Pride is a false sense of trying to make us feel better to justify our actions. Humility is a long lasting feeling of joy and happiness.
Many of our missionaries have musical talents. This is Elder Taylor and we appreciate him and his talents.
Elder Martineau studying.
President Fry looking over his notes during lunch. President Fry touched on how Nephi went thru the right line of Priesthood Authority when he made a new bow and wanted to know where to go and hunt. He talked about the Holy Ghost and how he can help us recall all things to our rememberance. He talked about a talk Pres. Monson gave in the Priesthood session - Pray fervently, Study diligently and Live righteously. He gave an inspiring message.
Sister Ward, Sister Howard and Sister Belkina.
Part of President's presentation - he had someone play the left hand on the piano to a hymn and asked if anyone knew the hymn. Then the right hand and asked the same question. Then both hands and yet the song is not complete without the words being sung. He and his assistants sang the song. He compared this in teaching by the spirit. Our lessons are not complete unless we invite the spirit. Our companionships are not complete unless we invite the spirit etc. It turned out to be very inspirational with the way he tied it in. Thanks to our son Jeff for the idea.

Elders Thompson, McArthur, Dorman, Cullen, and Moon.
A send off to Elder Dorman.

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dixiewhitehead said...

I still think the best missionaries in the world are in the Ukraine, Donetsk Mission. I love seeing the smiles on these handsome men.

Great lessons were taught!