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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Back in Ukraine!!

I went home for some surgery and everything went very well. The most wonderful experiences has been visiting with my family. I've posted some slide shows of my children and grandchildren. We've had some great talks and sharing our experiences and feelings along the way. I've been able to share about our mission in Church and Family Home Evening. That has been very exciting. I've gotten to know some people I sat by on the plane and shared the gospel. It was a great feeling. I had a wonderful blessing before my surgery from my son and son-in-law and all went well and I recovered very quickly. I visited with my in laws and gave them the low down on the mission. It felt so good to share experiences. I now know how the Kinghorns feel, being at home, and sharing about their mission. It is the most exhilerating feeling and I enjoyed every minute!I have worried about my husband while I was in St. George but the missionaries and couples rallied around him and he was well taken care of. I'm excited to be here and to get back on my schedule. I still get worn out and have to take things easy but I'm ready to go. We have 3 busy weeks ahead of us. I love and miss my family but I know that this is where I'm suppose to be. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve the people of Ukraine and these great young men & women, our missionaries. I look forward to the next 20 months!!!


Connie said...

I am glad you surgery went well and you're back at the mission! My son, Neils, received his call yesterday to the Donetsk mission. He will be joining you sometime next spring. He reports to the MTC on Feb. 10. Our family is so excited for this upcoming blessing! And I can't tell you what a comfort it was to find your blog while googling the Donetsk mission. It seems a little less scary now! Look forward to learning about the Ukraine and sharing in your experience.

dixiewhitehead said...

We're so happy that your surgery went well. We will continue to keep you and Pres. Fry in our prayers. Please take it easy and don't overdo!!

The family pictures are wonderful! Everyone looks so beautiful and happy. Thanks for sharing.

What a blessing to share your feelings and experiences in church and at home, and how wonderful for the people that got to hear you speak of your love for the Ukrainian people and for the Savior. Thanks many times over for all you do.

Melinda said...

welome back. I am so glad everything went well with your surgery. Love the pics of your family and the pics of the fall foliage in Ukraine. Tell President hello for us. You are always in our prayers.