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It has taken me awhile to decide what to do with the blog. I felt lost not posting pictures of the missionaries and I've felt lost with not having my missionary routine. We are starting to settle into a different routine and I have decided to start blogging again. It will take me a little while to get things squared away but we are rolling into the next phase of our journey in life - recovery from the best experience of our lives ( the mission), knee surgery( Tim's), physical therapy for my back, and the economy with our business. We look forward to continuing our growth spiritually and preparing for what comes next!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in Ukraine

I found these at a nearby store. They are cream puffs. They reminded me of something American for Easter. The frosting is a little melted because I transported them in the car.

A painted wooden egg. It has the Provislavic Temple painted on it. Sorry it isn't a good picture.

A wooden egg with beads. It has a picture of Christ(they call the picture an icon).

They use these cloths to cover their baskets. In the basket is bread like cake(Easter tradition) and eggs and (as President Fry calls it) "Spirits"(alcohol). They take these to their church and the Priest blesses it with holy water. The writing is "Kristos Vos-kres" which means "Christ is Risen". People say that here and you reply with "V-eestin-new Vos-kres" which means " Truly Risen."

These are painted wooden eggs I found in the Reenok(out door shopping kind of like a swap meet). They are so beautiful!

More wooden eggs up close.

These are really eggs(middle goo blown out) and painted a special way. They use bees wax and a small tool. They put a design on using the wax then dip it in dye then more design with wax and dip it again with another color. Any way it takes hours to make. You don't find these eggs any more. I was very lucky to have Sister Browning and Sister Burr looking for some. They gave me these eggs!

Here are more of the real eggs. They are very delicate and the designs are very intricate!

More of the real eggs wrapped in the tradition cloth and in a basket!

The cake like bread they make. It isn't real tasty. It smells good and looks good but very dry. President Fry said they were good with chocolate ice cream!


Elisabeth Marie said...

everything tastes good with chocolate ice cream! Love hearing about the mission.

Dixie said...

You found some great finds to take home. I LOVE the painted eggs. Every Easter you will be flooded with Ukrainian memories as you set them out. Great sharing. Thanks. I love this great mission.